4 Tips for planning a Winter Wedding Venue


4 Tips for planning a Winter Wedding Venue

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Whether you love the Winter season or if you’re just looking to save a few bucks, there’s a certain charm to having a Winter Wedding that gives a completely different feel compared to a Summer or Spring Wedding. Just picture a snowy landscape, a cozy candlelight and a roaring fire, these all add a certain kind of enchantment that a Summer Wedding just wouldn’t offer. There are many reasons why Winter Weddings are so attractive. A lot of couples have great memories during the winter season, and just want to associate those memories with a Winter Themed Wedding. Then there are other couples that are looking for off-season Wedding Deals because they are more cost-effective. So whether you’re one of those Winter Bunnies or if you’re just looking to save a few bucks, here are some Winter Wedding tips to consider:


1. Get creative with your Winter Wedding colors
Ice and snow are not the only Winter wedding colors, there so many colors you can use to get creative. Red and gold are a good combination for a more elegant look. Gold and Apple Green are good for a bright and crisp look. Even shades of blue or green accents with silver or white will give the wow factor you may have been seeking all along. Try to think back to your favorite memories of winter and focus on the colors that come to your mind. Always keep in mind, when surrounded by a white backdrop, bold colors look a lot better.


2. Some good lighting will enhance the atmosphere
Choosing the right accents for your color scheme is important. The most popular colors for winter weddings is bright white with silver accents. You can create a warm atmosphere with accents of fire or candles. White or silver candles are more glamorous. Or you can use candles with birch holders for a more rustic look. A good tip for adding a little extra sparkle would be to use a bit of blue light. Glassware and light blue linens will reflect the light and add sparkle.


3. Make your Weeding guests feel more comfortable when they step outside
Create warmth indoors, particularly for guests that may step outside to check-out the outdoor landscape or just for some fresh air. A hot chocolate or tea station with shortbread cookies is a good example. You may also want to provide mini-blankets for smokers going outside, particularity for woman who would generally be wearing thin dresses, would appreciate the gesture.


4. Plan lighting practically
Keep in mind that during the winter months, it gets dark earlier in the evening, which is more the reason to use candles or lights at the reception area to create a cozy atmosphere. Also, candles have a natural glow, but they may not always be bright enough. You may want to add spotlights or mini lamps at every table. Your guests will have a more clear view of everything in the room with brighter lights at every table, and your photos will look a lot better.

Happy Planning with your Winter Wedding !!!

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